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Corn Cob Substrate

Corn Cob Substrate


100g bag

Corn cob substrate is a good choice as an additional substrate for a few reasons:

Absorbency: Corn cob substrate can absorb moisture and odors effectively, helping to keep the hamster's cage clean and dry. This can contribute to a more comfortable and hygienic environment for the hamster.

Dust-Free: It tends to be less dusty compared to some other substrate options, which is important for the respiratory health of hamsters. Hamsters are sensitive to dust, so a low-dust substrates can be beneficial.

Natural Appearance: Corn cob can provide a natural, earthy look to the cage, which some hamster owners find aesthetically pleasing.

Enrichment: Providing a variation of substrates and bedding allow more mental stimulation and variety for your pet. Corn cob is a great option to use in dig boxes or in small areas in your enclosure.

WARNING: this substrate should not be heavily ingested. Please only provide it in small amounts e.g. in digboxes or bowls - and please remove it if you notice your pet consuming it too often.