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Coco Bark Substrate

Coco Bark Substrate



Coco coir bark, also known as coconut coir or coconut husk, is a popular substrate option for hamsters and many other small animals. It has several advantages:

1. **Natural and Safe:** Coco coir is a natural and safe substrate option. It's free from chemicals and pesticides, making it a suitable choice for hamsters.

2. **Absorbency:** Coco coir has good absorbent properties, helping to control moisture and odors in the cage. It can keep the cage dry and comfortable for your hamster.

3. **Dust-Free:** Coco coir is typically low in dust, which is important for the respiratory health of hamsters.

4. **Digging and Tunneling:** Hamsters enjoy digging and tunneling, and coco coir allows them to indulge in these natural behaviors. It provides a loose and soft texture that's great for tunnel building.

5. **Natural Appearance:** Coco coir has a natural and earthy appearance, which can enhance the aesthetics of the hamster's cage.